Every once in a while, Glenn Slater returns to the site of the crash that took his father’s life in 2015 just to feel his presence.

He told CBS 2 New York that he visited the Mahwah crash site recently to tell his dad that he missed him and get him caught up on what was going on his life when he spotted something in the dirt. It was his father’s cell phone, a cell phone that Glenn and his family had searched for six years earlier in the aftermath of the fatal accident, even using a metal detector.

Glenn Sr. was driving a water tanker truck on his way back from a well drilling job when he lost control of the truck; it flipped on a curve and he was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics, but the cause of the crash was never determined.

For weeks after that, the family searched the area looking for any personal items, especially his phone with no luck. Now, almost six years later, Glenn found the phone, although he says that maybe the phone found him.

Glenn Jr. hopes that the cell phone might yield some clues as to what happened. Even if it doesn’t, the family looks forward to finding any pictures, videos, or other personal reminders of their dad on the sim card.

Glenn says that finding the phone has renewed his faith that his father is still around.

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