I almost don't want to report this, because someone might see this story and think "I should try this!"

Here's a hint: don't try this.

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The Nyquil Chicken Challenge is a TikTok Challenge that's been going around for some time - and it's really stupid!

Yes, people are cooking chicken in Nyquil as a way to make a recipe that will "cure whatever ails you" along the way.

Check out this look at the challenge:

When I see challenges like this, I almost think that maybe we shouldn't raise red flags - maybe we should just let "natural selection" take its course.

Well, there's one New Jersey physician that is raising red flags and warning about the dangers of Nyquil Chicken.

Dr. Suzanne Soliman practices in New Jersey - she's based in Norwood. She's known as the "Pharma Mama." The doc has this to say about Nyquil Chicken:

"Not only does boiling a liquid medication change its consistency and potency, but it can also change its properties. Increasing the potency by more than double. Even if you do not consume the chicken but just cook it, breathing in the vapors of a cough-and-cold medication can cause an increase of levels of the medicine in your body to enter your lungs and cause damage."


If you have teens and young adults in your life who may be swayed by all things TikTok, it might be a good idea to have a conversation with them.

This is scary stuff!

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