During the pandemic it seems like the dating life was just shot and not really happening. I've heard from some single people that unless it's a mutual friend they will not date anyone at the moment. TheAtlantic.com actually stated that dating sites have noticed a 20% drop in "users seeking hookups."

Can't blame people for not wanting to date because this virus can scare people away easily.

I was driving around The College of New Jersey area and I spotted a very random yard sign. I decided to go back and really take a good look at the sign and it ended up being a very unique yard sign. No, the house was not for sale. No, the yard sign was not giving a heads up of an upcoming yard sale. No, it was not because the house was available to lease.

The sign actually said, "4 SINGLE GUYS LIVE HERE."

The 4 guys that live at that house are actually trying to meet people during these socially distancing challenging times. The yard sign that is easily visible actually has pictures of the 4 young men that live at the house. Not only that, the yard sign has a QR code. The QR code displayed on the yard sign takes you to a google doc where it says, "Meeting new people during COVID is hard. We're here to fix that."

On the Google Doc you are asked to enter your name, your IG handles, pick one of the young men that interests you, and answer a question on why the young men should pick you as a potential date. If you have any questions for the guys you may ask on Google Doc as well.

This is an interesting way to try to find a date.

I wonder how many people have actually submitted a form. I will say, as I pulled over to take a picture of the sign a very attractive young lady walked by stared at the sign but just kept moving along.

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