We come bearing some potentially good news for parents, grandparents, and New Jerseyans at large who have concerns about the very graphic sex education curriculum that has been proposed by the New Jersey state department of education.

We have received a copy of the letter that was penned yesterday by the following leaders of the New Jersey state board of education as follows:

  • Andrew Mulvihill, Vice President, New Jersey State Board of Education
  • Mary Beth Berry, Member, New Jersey State Board of Education
  • Mary Elizabeth Gazi, Member, New Jersey State Board of Education
  • Mr. Jack A. Fornaro, Member, New Jersey State Board of Education

Their joint letter is dated yesterday, May 3, 2022, sent to Angelica Allen-McMillan, Ed. D., Acting Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Education.

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The letter was sent just in time to have a potential positive impact in anticipation of today’s public meeting, set to begin at 10:00 a.m.

The letter begins:

Dear Commissioner:

“As you know there has been tremendous push back from the parents of New Jersey’s school children to the soon to be implemented 2020 New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Comprehensive Health & Physical Education commonly known as the Sex Ed standards. On April 13th, the Governor asked The Department of Education to review the standards and provide further clarification on what age-appropriate guidelines look like for our students.”

The letter continues to outline concerns that parents and others have and calls for the Commissioner to be willing to assemble a group from a wide spectrum of observation a “committee of experts, educators, parents, and various stakeholders,” they wrote.

The authors of this letter state that they were encouraged by the April 14th memo of clarification, but, they write “while this is a good start, we believe a more robust review is warranted.”

The public meeting is today and we’ll keep you updated as warranted.

SOURCE: New Jersey Board of Education letter.

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