Ex-One Direction member, Niall Horan has been working on his solo career for a few years since the iconic boyband split back in 2015. He recently just released his 3rd studio album, The Show, last week on June 9.

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After One Direction went on a hiatus, the members all started their own careers, and Niall released his albums Flicker in 2017, Heartbreak Weather in 2020, and now The Show' in 2023. He was spotted throughout New York City doing some promotional interviews on the day his album dropped and also performed on the Today Show.

Shortly after, Niall posted a video to his official TikTok account, which he is fairly active on, that he was at a Jersey City, New Jersey Target and was going to walk through the aisles to find his new album that had hit store shelves. There's 1 Target location in Jersey City, so it's safe to assume it was the store located at 100 14th St, Jersey City, NJ 07310.

He was seen professing his love for Target in the video and then after finding all of the vinyls and CDs that were on the shelves and just started signing them all. Of course, he was spotted by fans who then asked for pictures and autographs.


Niall's most current single that has been released from 'The Show' is 'Heaven' which fans got to hear for the first time back in February. Niall was also spotted at an Urban Outfitters location in New York City signing some vinyls they had available for purchase.

I know a ton of New Jersey and New York City fans are jealous they didn't get their hands on a signed copy, but I think it's really cool that a New Jersey Target is one of the 2 places where you could get one!

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