The latest denim "trend" serves as proof that not every idea to pop in your head should be acted upon. This one could've been left alone.... forever....

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Say hello to Wet Pants Denim. No, I promise I'm not making this up. I, unfortunately, have to confirm that what you're envisioning is exactly what it sounds like. A company apparently based out of New York has come up with the brilliant idea of manufacturing a jean that makes the wearer look like they've had an accident. This is not a joke.


I don't know who asked for this. Not sure anyone did, but I have so many questions. The website includes a graphic that shows off the "trend" of celebrities walking around with wet crotches and claims that there's a "market" for that "style". Ummmm... I'm sorry.... WHERE?! Please tell me, Wet Pants Denim, who wants to walk around town looking like they didn't make it to the bathroom in time? NOT ME! Oh, it gets better... If the traditional blue denim colors don't fit in your color wheel, don't worry! They also sell white jeans with yellow stains placed near your nether regions.  




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This is the ultimate facepalm moment for me....

I would like to be the first one to apologize to the mother of whomever came up with this bright idea. It's a gem, truly. SIKE. I promise you, the woman's horrified. Imagine having to tell friends and acquaintances while comparing notes about your children's lives and accomplishments that your kid's the one who created artificial pee pants.


That poor woman. Someone check on her.

I can say with CONFIDENCE that if this trend winds up on TikTok, well, I guess you can group me into the "old heads" wearing skinny jeans and side parts because I will NOT be partaking in this one.

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