Train recently sent out a tweet asking for ideas related to their Save Me San Francisco Wine Company, the band's side passion.  They want ideas for new wine names, and I'm only too happy to share some thoughts.

SoJO follows Train on Twitter, and they do this thing called "Wine Wednesday" to help promote the Save Me San Francisco Wine Company - currently featuring the Drops of Jupiter California Red, Calling All Angels Chardonnay, and the California 37 Cabernet.  Their tweet yesterday was "If you could name the next Save Me S.F. Wine Co. varietal what would it be?"  That had me thinking .....

Obviously the band likes to tie their song and album titles to their wines.  The 3 they have are not bad names (and I hear the wine is very good), but I think I have some ideas they may feel worthy to use for future vintages.  Here is what I came up with:

Soul Sister's Sangria -- Sangria always seemed to have some soul to it, and with the S.F. Bay area having a large Hispanic population, this brings a piece of their home area's culture to life in a fun wine punch.

Marry Me Champagne -- Imagine the Best Man standing up giving the toast to the happy couple ..... let this champagne say that you would marry her/him again and again with a fine Train influenced California champagne.

"CAB" -- The band's song from 2005 should be the perfect name for the perfect Cabernet Blend!

Something Merlot -- A play on Train's "Something More", the Save Me S.F. Wine Co. can introduce a varietal that just about all California vineyards have in their arsenal.

Meet Niagara -- I know Niagara is no where near the state of Virginia, but the guys can bring in some grapes from this upstate N.Y. region to create a nice table white wine.

Save Me Shiraz -- I would prefer Save Me Moscato but that does not work on the play on words for Train.

When I Look to the Wine GIFT PACK -- Imagine a 3-wine set for the holidays that includes a limited edition Train/Save Me S.F. Wine Co. shirt, plus a couple of limited edited CD's for your music collection.  Look to the Sky on that and see that this would sell!

Should Pat, Jimmy and Scott use any of these ideas, I want this to be a binding contract to give me a lifetime supply of wine and concert tickets for their shows in return for these crazy thoughts.


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