It's one of those things we have right in our own backyard that you may not have ever experienced.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry runs daily between Cape May and Lewes Delaware year-round.  It serves a practical purpose for those traveling from points south to the Jersey shore.  When we lived in Virginia, we would often take the ferry to cut miles off the trip, not to mention breaking up the ride a bit.


The ferry service has come a long way since its maiden voyage July 1, 1964.  Today, the Cape May-Lewes ferry has 3 vessels, each the length of a football field.  They can each handle approximately 100 vehicles and about 800 people.

Today, the Ferrys boast such amenities as internet service, food, and drinks are all available.  They have indoor and outdoor seating, and even have elevators to help get between decks.

While today's vessels are well ahead of what they had when they first set sail, they are now considered old.  The time has come to start thinking about upgrades, and that's exactly what the Delaware River and Bay Authority are doing.

A just-completed analysis of the Cape May Lewes Ferry needs by a marine transportation planner and a consulting firm have recommended the DRBA an overhaul that would include 4 new vessels and other improvements at the cost of 320 million dollars.

Authorities say the vessels would be smaller and adding a 4th vessel would allow of more schedule flexibility.  The project would be done in phases, with the first new vessel arriving sometime in late 2026.  The plans have not yet been finalized.

If you've never done so, I highly recommend taking the ferry during sunset.  It's an amazing journey that takes about an hour and a half to cross the 17 miles.  It's not unusual to see many dolphins swimming alongside the ferry as the sun goes down.

You must make reservations in advance at The Cape May- Lewes Ferry web site.

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