Alright, let's fess up. The Northeast is anything but dainty. The winters are harsh and so are our mouths, apparently. With that being said, we definitely can't lie. We're all damn proud to be from this region.

A recent study analyzed various data that revealed Philadelphia and the surrounding areas rank within the top five cities in the country that curse the most. We come in at 4 out of 5. What do we have to say about that? Can't call that a lie, can ya? If you're honest about it, sure, there's definitely some truth to that.

The survey conducted by the folks at discovered that the average person cusses, on average, about 21 times per day. In Philly and South Jersey, we can probably all attest to the fact that we may let out a curse word or two a little bit more often than that. Philly residents apparently cuss about twenty times per day.

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Believe it or not, when it comes to cussing out of anger or when we accidentally hurt ourselves, Philly ranks at number one in the country. For most of us here in South Jersey, that's us, too. The survey revealed that residents within the Greater Philadelphia area are more likely to swear at work, too. Now, does that mean we're all out here dropping the "f" word in front of the boss? No, of course not. No doubt, some people do, though. That, however, depends on office dynamics.

The bottom line is that people within the Philadelphia, and by extension, South Jersey area, are more likely than the majority of other places to swear within everyday conversation. Does that make us bad people? Hell no! Just write it off as our way of expressing our passion.


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