You've heard it once, you've heard it a million times. Everyone LOVES to say Jersey residents can't drive.

The way I see it, the problem isn't with New Jersey drivers. The true problem falls at the feet of everyone else. Every Jersey resident will tell you that it's a pain in the rear end to get stuck behind an out-of-state driver. It's even worse in the summer.

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It doesn't even matter which part of the state you're from. If you hail from North Jersey, you're dealing with New Yorkers. If you call South Jersey home, you're dealing with Pennsylvania people. If you live in Central Jersey (yes, it exists. Our governor even said so), then you find yourself encountering a mix of both.

Regardless of your region, if you live in the Garden State, then you're maneuvering around people who haven't got a clue what to do with or how to handle the traffic patterns here. If you've lived here for a while, then you're probably used to it by now. Still, it doesn't make dealing with them any less annoying.

I can't state the above without also pointing out the fact that a lot of us here in Jersey do tend to be a bit heavy-footed on the roads. We just like getting to where we need to go the absolute quickest we can. Is that such a crime? I guess if we're speeding, then it is.

A new survey from reveals which city in the Garden State has the worst drivers on record. It turns out that the state's own capital, Trenton, has the largest share of drivers with at-fault records. That means that Trenton has the most violations issued in which the fault of the incident lies with the driver compared to the rest of the state. The violations there are apparently 12% more than the rest of the state's average.

That means if you're traveling to the state capital, make sure you are extra careful on the roads headed out that way.


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