Well, we're officially less than a week away from turkey day! Are you hungry yet?

Hopefully, if you're hosting this year, you at least have your menu all planned out by this point. If not, maybe it's worth investing some time checking out a new survey that recently declared which Thanksgiving foods are the most and least popular here in the Garden State. I'm just letting you know now that I, personally, do NOT agree with either answer.

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Think about the Thanksgiving table. What dishes are usually a staple for your family's meal? You've, of course, got the turkey. Maybe you come from a family that serves both turkey and ham. That's not uncommon for some Jersey families. Then, you've got the plethora of side dishes that usually provide you with days and days of leftovers.

That's where meals start to differ, though. The side dishes you'll find at one NJ family's gathering aren't necessarily the same ones you'll find at the next-door neighbor's dinner. Some common Thanksgiving side dishes, though, aren't exactly popular ANYWHERE. Still, they're always on the table at every Thanksgiving feast.

So, which side dishes are, apparently, the biggest hit among Jersey families? A survey conducted by crestline.com declares the most popular side dish in New Jersey to be biscuits. Can you believe that? I mean, sure, there's some kind of bread served with every Thanksgiving meal, but to say they're the most popular side dish in the state just doesn't sit right with me for one reason or another.

Now, if they had said mashed potatoes, I'd have to do agree.

The least popular side dish isn't what I would have expected either. According to the survey, Hawaiian bread rolls aren't a huge staple in the Garden State. I would've expected to hear something like green bean casserole or cranberry sauce. That would make sense.

Rolls being the most AND least popular Thanksgiving dishes?? Hm. How do you feel about those answers?

Source: crestline.com

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