According to this new study, spanking could mean the person is more likely to be abusive to their partners and continuing the practice with their own children.

The Journal of Pediatrics published the study which found a potential link after observing 758 Texan high school students. Through their research, 19% of students admitted to committing dating violence, while 68% say they've experience corporal punishment (i.e. spanking).

As a result, there is a positive link between spanking and the physical perpetration of dating violence. Additionally, those who were spanked as children as more likely to pass this action onto their own children.

The study's lead author Jeff Temple says, "There’s zero evidence that it enhances children’s development, and there is a whole bunch of evidence that it has negative outcomes." Which from the looks of this study appears to be true.

Within the article, they suggest alternatives to spanking such as:

  • taking away privileges
  • timeout
  • allowing natural consequences (?)

I am assuming the last to mean for the child to learn their lesson. As someone who HAS been spanked when I was younger, I have zero problems with spanking. And to be clear, I mean SPANKING not abusing your child, which some may confuse.

After reading this information, it did change my perspective just a bit. But it would be great to hear from others.

What are your views on spanking? More importantly, what are your methods of disciplining your child?

Read the full article on The Cut.

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