A new Casino Pier coaster, the ‘Hydrus’, is set to open to the public this Spring!

But first, let’s take it back to a not-so-spectacular time back in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy came and wreaked havoc on our New Jersey shores. If you’re willing to look back, you probably remember seeing this image about a million times.

East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy
Credit: Mario Tama, Getty Images

This was the ‘Jetstar’ roller coaster of Casino Pier that was swallowed up by the storm. The image of the coaster submerged by the Atlantic waters became one of the most memorable images of the damage caused by Sandy. It was removed in May 2013.

Since that fateful time a few years ago, NJ shore towns have for the most part managed to recover and reconstruct from the devastation of the hurricane. And now, over four years later, a new coaster called the ‘Hydrus’ is set to make its debut at Casino Pier this Spring!

The boldly colored lime-green and electric-blue coaster is a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter model with 1,050 feet of twisting, curving track that will send passengers 72 feet above the boardwalk before swooping them down a beyond-vertical drop of 97 degrees. Whoo!!!!

Boardwalk officials are hopeful that the 'Hydrus' along with other new boardwalk rides and attractions will bring more families and tourists back this summer.

Yet another thing in South Jersey to be excited for this Spring/Summer! Can't wait!!


Check out the videos below for a preview of what to expect!



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