This is a story about a pretty, but lost dog named Shelby, and how she ended up on a train.

New Jersey Transit conductor Howard Kempton likely saved stray dog Shelby's life Monday when he stopped his train in South Orange after seeing the pup scampering on the tracks.

Howard ran after and managed to catch up with Shelby. He then made a leash out of his very own necktie to keep the dog secure and brought her on board the train.

The moment was caught by rider Danielle Gross on Instagram:

A passenger reportedly called the phone number on Shelby's collar tag, and reached Shelby's owner Judy Karamessinis Gunn. Shelby broke away from Gunn while out for a walk, according to

She sure looks like she'd make a good conductor's assistant! Thank you Howard for making sure Shelby got to safety!

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