☀ NJ's Tan Mom is running for U.S. Senate in Florida

☀ Patricia Krentcil fled New Jersey for Florida after the incident that made her infamous

☀ A look back at that incident, and what led her to now enter politics

The New Jersey mom who was made infamous in 2012 after her 5-year-old daughter was burned in a tanning salon is running for the U.S. Senate.

Former Nutley resident Patricia Krentcil was dubbed the 'Tan Mom' in 2012 after the incident with her daughter was made public. She was charged with child endangerment for bringing her daughter into a tanning booth in violation of state law than bans tanning for children under the age of 14.

After a grand jury failed to indict her, she moved to Florida and entered an alcohol rehab center in Palm Beach.

Patricia Krentcil
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)

Bizarre journey

After leaving New Jersey for Florida, Krentcil capitalized on her minor celebrity.

She has been a frequent guest on the Howard Stern show.

Krentcil even released her own music in 2018. She debuted "Free 2 Be Me" with Artist Adam Barta on the Howard Stern show in an effort to shed the Tan Mom image. At the time, Stern called it the "the greatest song of all time."

YouTube Screengrab "FREE 2 BE ME" - (OFFICIAL MUSIC VID) "Tan Mom" Patricia Marie & Adam Barta | prod. by Electropoint
YouTube Screengrab
"FREE 2 BE ME" - (OFFICIAL MUSIC VID) "Tan Mom" Patricia Marie & Adam Barta | prod. by Electropoint

In 2023, she starred in a reality TV show called "Tan to 10," where she declared she was the "tannest woman in the world."

Youtube Screengrab "TAN TO 10" - AQUETRA Media
Youtube Screengrab
"TAN TO 10" - AQUETRA Media

Is Patricia Krentcil still tan?

Oh, yes. Very.

Photos from her social media pages show she is just as tan as ever.

Facebook/Patricia Krentcil
Facebook/Patricia Krentcil

What is her U.S. Senate campaign about and why is she running?

When Krentcil talked to TMZ about her foray into politics, she singled out several policies of Florida Gov. Ron Desantis as prompting her to run.

Krentcil cited book bans and changes to Medicaid, but also attacks on the LGBTQ community.

She says she is a conservative Republican, but is at odds with her party over a number of policies. She will run as a GOP candidate against fellow Republican Senator Rick Scott.

She told TMZ she has a strong relationship with the gay community, and hopes to convince fellow conservatives to see things the way she does.

Patricia "Tan Mom" Krentcil Visits XL Cabaret
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)


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