Okay...I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but here it goes.

New Jersey has been ranked as the 38th Drunkest State in America.

Okay...so we are in the bottom half. I guess that's not awful.....

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I personally am a bit surprised being that we have beaches, bars and booze which I know for a fact a lot of residents and visitors take advantage of during the Summer time.

But we don't do too bad apparently.

Here is some of the data specific for New Jersey:

We rank #24 in percentage of adults who drink: 57.37%.

We rank # 27 in percentage of adults who binge-drink: 26.1%.

We rank # 36 in change in percentage of adults who drink, 2008-2017: -1.7%.

We rank # 29 in alcohol consumption per person: 2.33 gallons

We rank # 45 in per-capita craft breweries: 1.6 per 100,000

Now here are some other national rankings that, if I am being honest, may surprise you....

The 10 heaviest drinking states are: District of Columbia, Vermont, South Dakota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska and Colorado.

The 10 lightest drinking states are: Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Utah, Hawaii, North Carolina, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Take a look at all of the statistics HERE.



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