A 27-year-old New Jersey man came up with an unconventional way to keep police from arresting him, and failed.

Seriously, I've heard some outlandish stories of people resisting arrest, but literally pooping your pants is a first.

Mycentraljersey.com reports, Kyle Chambliss of Plainfield fought with police and pooped his pants to keep them away.

Yes, pooped!

Reportedly, police arrived after reports of a disorderly man Sunday night. When police arrived to the scene, Chambliss was found in a parked car talking loud on his cellphone. According to the article, Chambliss reeked of alcohol and was asked to step out from the car.

Things turned ugly when he was asked to end his phone call, and reportedly told police he had to ...use the bathroom.

So, to keep police away, what does he do? Chambliss decides to just "go."

Things turned a little ugly, resulting in a police officer and Chambliss needing medical attention. But, he was taken into custody and is facing charges of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.



End of story...that was just really gross.

Read the fully story on mycentraljersey.com.


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