Police have arrested a New Jersey man after he damages the wrong house he thought belonged to his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

I'm guessing he may still have feelings for her, OR is insanely jealous. Either way, Ajinka Kelkar of South Brunswick was taken into custody after allegedly damaging vehicles in a family's driveway. NJ.com says Kelkar caused $10,000 worth in damages!

All of this, just because he thought it belonged to his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. Yikes! Maybe you should have double-checked at least.

Apparently, a family member of the wrong house heard noises outside to find that all the cars tires were slashed. On top of this, a Jeep wrangler belonging to a family visitor had 'obscenities' scratched into the door and fender....with slashed tires of course.

Safe to say, not one vehicle was left undamaged.

NJ.com says Kelkar is currently being charged with trespassing and third-degree criminal mischief. OH, and he's being charged since he's also an unlicensed driver.

Ah, isn't love grand?

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