Recreational use of marijuana in New Jersey may become a reality under new legislation introduced in the state Senate on Monday.

The man behind it? Democratic State Senator Nicholas Scutari, and he's currently laying the groundwork for the next governor to pass it into legislation.

As of now, the chances of it being passed are slim to none under Republican Gov. Chris Christie. Although he passed for medical marijuana use, he strongly opposes its recreational use. Currently, there are five dispensaries operating in New Jersey since 2010 - one of them is right in EHT (Compassionate Care).

According to 6abc News and Press of AC, the Democratic runners for governor (for the most part) fully support legalizing it recreationally.

Under this legislation, users are allowed to possess:

  • 1 oz of marijuana
  • 16 oz of marijuana infused products in solids
  • 72 oz of marijuana infused products in liquid form
  • 7 grams of concentrate

But, before you're trying to become the next Snoop and Wiz - you're still not permitted to grow at home. There's also a sales tax that would increase from 7% to 25% over 5 years, just to get everyone on board.

So far, it's looking like recreational use of marijuana is a real possibility. Are you for it or against it?

Read the full story in detail on 6abc News or Press of Atlantic City.

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