The New Jersey carryout bag conversation is going from 'Would you like paper or plastic?' to 'Hope you brought your own'.

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State law makers officially passed a ban on paper and plastic carryout bags this week that would go into effect in the next 18 months.

The ban will reportedly also extend to plastic foam containers, according to, which actually makes me really happy. I try to stay away from getting takeout from places that use them because I've heard when the foam gets hot it could potentially leak carcinogens into the food or beverage.

The legislation, which Democratic lawmakers in New Jersey say is crucial to protecting the environment, now goes on the desk of Governor Phil Murphy. Murphy could elect to place a fee on plastic and paper bags and foam food containers, instead of conceding to an all out ban.

State Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin tells 6abc, "The health and safety of future generations depend on the choices we make today. Single-use plastic products are one of the single greatest threats to our oceans, environment, and health."

I guess I better start stocking up on plastic bags while I can because they're what I use to scoop my cats' dirty litter into, lol.

Although I know I'm probably going to curse myself when the ban takes effect, because I always forget to bring my cloth/reusable bags to the store or leave them in my car, I'm all for it. While paper, plastic, and foam containers fill landfills, they also pose such a danger to wildlife, especially those that live in water.


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