I get it, this cold weather is no Bueno.  As I write this it is 21 degrees and feels like 8 and it will continue to drop throughout the night.  My dog Daisy doesn't even want to go outside.  And she loves outside.  She gets excited anytime we say OUTSIDE.  So, maybe now is the time to take a trip to Florida or another warm location?  Ahhh, but there's COVID-19.  Ok.  Let's break this down...and get into just how dirt-cheap travel is at this very second.

Walt Disney World Resort Reopening
Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images

People ARE traveling and going to places like Walt Disney World.  You'd think that to be a lie, but it is indeed true.  One of my closest friends goes to Orlando to visit Mickey every year.  He took his family a few months ago and they said they enjoyed it being less crowded and they enjoyed, after feeling locked inside for 6 months, the opportunity to getaway.  They said the folks at Disney were very strict on wearing masks and social distancing, which has to make you feel better.

Now, if you travel outside of New Jersey you need to quarantine in and out.  What's this mean?  If you cannot work remotely, you'll likely have to take 2-3 weeks off work.  Once you leave our state and the immediate region (NJ, NY, PA, and DE) you're required to hunker down and self-quarantine.  You're also supposed to take a COVID-19 test.  Here's the New Jersey COVID-19 hub frequently asked questions on travel restrictions to and from our state.  If you're able to work from home, the self-quarantine isn't so bad.  You will not lose any vacation time while quarantining.

If you're still reading, I'm assuming you'd be interested in traveling or at least seeing what's up.  Let's get to some of the deals.

JB found cheap flights!
JB found cheap flights!

How about $23 this Monday to fly to Orlando (home of Mickey Mouse) from the Newark airport?  That's one way.  How about $32 to fly to Las Vegas next weekend?  Maybe you want to visit Mickey Mouse's California home or visit Hollywood?  You can travel to Los Angeles next weekend for as low as $62 one way.  Have you ever been to the Hollywood of the south, Atlanta?  Flights there next week are as low as $24 one way.  And... there are so many more ridiculously cheap flights to be had.  Hotels? Yes, those are readily available and affordable too.

Traveling during a pandemic isn't recommended and isn't ideal, but for some, it's a way to maintain a little bit of normalcy, take a break from the monotony of being "trapped" inside, do it responsibly by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, and save some money while doing it.

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