Sometimes a story pops up on social media that warms your heart and gives you hope for humanity, this is one of those stories. If you saw a headline saying that cops were on the search for a group of kids, you might think something bad happened. However, this time cops are looking for kids they are calling superheroes. reported on this story coming from South Brunswick, New Jersey. In a series of tweets on the South Brunswick P.D.'s Twitter page, the story of these superhero kids was told.

According to the Twitter post, a mom and her son were spending his 5th birthday at a local skate park. The child has high functioning autism and ADHD. The day quickly became even more special when a group of older kids arrived at the park.

The South Brunswick Police Department wrote,"The older kids went out of the way to include the 5 year old. The boy's mom took a video of kids singing to her son happy birthday. One of the kids gave him a mini skateboard and taught him how to use it."

They have now turned to social media for help from the public in finding these good Samaritans who made the 5-year-old's birthday special with their random act of kindness. Police are asking anyone who has any information to contact Lieutenant Gene Rickle, in order to throw a pizza party for these real-life superheroes.

Watch the superheroes in action here:

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