Two New Jersey brothers have gone viral on Facebook because of their super impressive pizza dough tossing skills. It has 175,000 shares already and counting.

The boys father, Carmine Testa, has been shooting videos of their skills for awhile now at Carmine's Pizza Factory in Jersey City. For whatever reason, this video uploaded on Feb. 20 has gotten the most attention:

Right now, the video is almost at 20 million less than 2 weeks!

But, you gotta admit, these boys really do have some skill. I can barely flip a fried egg without breaking the yolk.

Click through their Facebook "The Pizza Boss," to checkout 10 year-old Michael and 12-year-old Nicholas Testa toss dough like bosses.

ABC News says you can also follow the boys on Instagram: @nicktesta8 and @t3esta28.

Also, check out this video of the boys from 2012:

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