Those of us who live close to the Jersey Shore can assure you that every individual beach destination within the Garden State is nothing short of unique.

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All the shore towns along the Jersey coastline have something to offer everyone. Whether you're looking for a romantic beach getaway for you and your honey or you're hoping to spend a week somewhere the whole family will enjoy, you can find it at one of New Jersey's awesome beach destinations.

For years, it's been common knowledge that Cape May takes the cake when it comes to the overall beach experience. Cape May is a quaint little town with old-world charm. It's close enough to attractions for the kids while offering plenty to do for adults of any age. It always comes in at number one on any list of Jersey's beaches.

Apparently, Cape May has been dethroned as the top beach in the Garden State. According to New Jersey Digest, another island up the Garden State Parkway has taken the top spot. This year, the digest says sources have given that title to Long Beach Island, the new and best summer destination in New Jersey.

So, what does LBI have that Cape May doesn't? Well, it definitely has a similar laid-back vibe. Still, there's so much to do along that 18-mile strip of sand that whether you go north or south, you'll find everything from the gorgeous homes and chill surfer vibe to amusement parks, museums, etc.

Basically, LBI has been deemed a more modern version of Cape May. See what the survey has to say HERE.


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