Tuesday Night television does see to be the strongest night of network programming when CBS features the #1 scripted show on TV (NCIS), and it's off shoot show that rates in the Top-20 consistently (NCIS: Los Angeles), a FOX phenomenon that still has its very loyal audience (Glee) and one of the best new comedies of the season (New Girl), while NBC brings its fitness with The Biggest Loser, and ABC decides to have Celebrity Wife Swap, but the drama to watch tonight at some point tonight on cable - The New Hampshire Primary.

Pulling you away from a strong night of TV is not an easy sell, but the drama is reaching a fever pitch with the six remaining Republican candidates trying to win the right to battle President Obama for the highest office in the country (cue Ryan Seacrest: "This Is Republican Idol!").

Just in case you have not been following the new Soap Opera, here's a quick wrap-up of some of the things you may have missed:

When we last left "The Frontrunner" Mitt Romney, he was escaping Iowa with a win by just 8 votes over "The Family Man" Rick Santorum after nearly 130,000 votes were last last week.  "The Rebel" Dr. Ron Paul raised eyebrows by finishing 3rd - one of the strongest finishes of his career in presidential battles.  Meanwhile "The Professor" Newt Gingrich was harmed by those around him with advertisements that made seem more like a defenseless Gilligan than the "Smart One" on this island.  "The Outsider" Rick Perry went home, then came back to New Hampshire and did not stay long as he sets up his own spinoff called Carolina Dreamin'.  Then there is "The Uniter" Jon Huntsman, who has popped into our presence after having not been seen in Iowa.

The drama has reached a fever pitch on Sunday afternoon when "The Uniter" defended himself from "The Frontrunner" when he was called for working for "The Opposition" in the president who is a democrat.  The Uniter proved by his actions he put country first and showing The Frontrunner's attitude is divisive.  Meanwhile The Rebel stood for his principles and made no apologies for them, The Outsider remained to the right physically, mentally and socially as he split to the south immediately after this event.  The Professor called out The Frontrunner on what he called "Pious Baloney", and continues to paint himself as the man in the mold of "The 80s Man" Ronald Reagan (to be seen in flashback segments in this drama).  The Family Man will love his kids no matter what obstacles may come in their lives or choices they make.

Lately The Frontrunner has caught flack for liking to fire people.  "The Poison Pen" - played by the press in this drama - have spun this quote out of control, and potentially destroying the strength of The Frontrunner (his business savvy).  The Uniter is priming for an uprising, while The Professor is pontificating toward a surprise, The Rebel is trying to legitimize his status and maybe change his character name in this show, The Family Man has shown his likability at times but also his strong family roots on some level have rubbed some the wrong way, while The Outsider is - you guessed it, outside all of this (he's in South Carolina).

Will The Frontrunner maintain his status?  Can he exceed his 31% result of 4 years ago? Can he win with dominance, or limp to the south?  Can The Rebel begin a total uprising that could sweep the country?  Can The Professor think his way forward?  Is The Family Man too conservative?  Is The Uniter taking his first step in his superhero quest to win "Republican Idol"?  Finally, will we ever hear from The Outsider again?

Many questions, riveting subplots, multiple network coverage, post-game commentary, fodder for The Poison Pen, a President in waiting, and a nation looking to decide if this show should be re-casted or rebranded into Survivor: Island of Misfit Politics.  Even if you only watch for a few minutes, don't miss out what this writer is calling "The show with more twists than Celebrity Wife Swap, and more drama than Parenthood, plus a comedic twist that could happen at anytime because this whole thing is totally live!"

The New Hampshire Primary - don't just read about it tomorrow, be a part of this soap opera that will end soon!



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