There's a new dating app on the scene that bans anyone with a criminal record to protect the safety of its users. And it is called, Gatsby.

No relation to the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, The Great Gatsby, (as far as I know). But, yes! There is now an app that runs background checks to ensure a safe space for all its users.

Considering the rise of sexual assault due to online dating, a background check on users puts Gatsby ahead of the curve compared to dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

Not so fast. Mashable brings up a point I didn't consider: the app bans ALL criminals, even 'petty' crimes. The reason for this is because scanning only sex offenders excludes other crimes like domestic violence, theft, first degree, etc. Founder Joseph Penora says he didn't want to make a judgment call on what would be an 'acceptable crime.' Okay, that sounds reasonable.

In addition, the background check is quick (3.2 seconds) and the app takes extra protective measures to tackle fake accounts, and ways criminals can get around background checks.

As a woman, this app appeals to not only myself but my girlfriends who frequently use dating apps. While Gatsby is ahead of the curve, I would like to hear from you. Do you agree with Mashable that excluding ALL criminals is unfair?

If it means reducing the chances of sexual assault, date rapes, and/or domestic violence, I don't think it is.

What do you think?

In the meantime, check out how Gatsby works below:

Feel free to check out my app for this week:



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