The game that has entertained people for years is "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon", paying respect to the long established career of the veteran actor.  Now you can figure out any actor's separation right now with the Bacon Number.

Thanks to the people at Google, you can type in "Bacon Number" along with the actor or actress you are trying to establish the six degrees of separation on (because all Hollywood actors are only separated by 6 degrees or less to Bacon).

Here is an example - if you were to figure out the separation of bacon to Jersey's own Kevin Smith (as an actor, not as a writer or director), you would type in "Bacon Number Kevin Smith" and you would find that Smith has a Bacon Number of 2 because Smith appeared with Neve Campbell in Scream 3, and Campbell acted opposite Kevin Bacon in Wild Things.

Have some fun with this over the weekend!

I actually have a Bacon Number - I appear in the 2003 documentary film End of the Century: Story of The Ramones interviewing Joey Ramone.  Rob Zombie is also in this film, and he appeared with Bacon in the 2006 documentary film Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film.  At first I thought my number was 3, but my Bacon Number is definitely 2.

Now I'm not credited in the film, but my interview is in there for about 30 seconds at the most (full interview is in the extras), and doing documentary films is a stretch to say the least ....... who cares, I have a Bacon Number!!!


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