After the midnight shooting in the Denver area this morning, movie theater security has become a topic of conversation today, and you may notice a stepping up across the country for tonight's screenings.

Reaction to the violent act in Colorado has been swift in many places in the U.S.  For example, police in Montgomery, AL, said although measures are in place for security at both theaters in the city, they will increase patrols this weekend.

The Associated Press is reporting that St. Louis police will dispatch more officers to theaters this weekend. A spokesman for the St. Louis police said officers recently received training to handle similar situations to the one in Aurora.

Here in N.J., several movie theaters are stepping up security as a precaution.  Townsquare Media (SoJO 104.9's parent company) newsman Joe Cutter did report recently that AMC Entertainment, which has movie theaters in Ridgefield Park, Paramus, Clifton and Wayne, are taking a closer look at security.

With all that has happened today, movie goers do not seem deterred from going to see The Dark Night Rises - the film has earned over $30 Million this morning, and according to Heather DeLuca's poll this morning about 62% of people who responded to the poll are still going to the film today.  Feel free to vote - click here to go to Heather's poll.