There have been a lot of lottery winners in Jersey lately.

That's what we dream about, right? Hitting it big and buying the home of our dreams. Here are some pretty good options.

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It's a new year and after checking out, there are some new properties that have made it into the top 10.

This top 10 revolves around the most expensive homes in the Garden State.

Not surprisingly, these places are next-level gorgeous.

What's interesting is that they are all posh in different ways.

Some feature a lot of private property. I'm talking about acres and acres.

Others are on the beach and offer views that will take your breath away.

These homes are all over the state.

The wealthiest zip code in all of Jersey Alpine makes several appearances on the top 10, but you'll also venture into Monmouth County and South Jersey as well.

Whenever I see a home with a $15 million price tag, I immediately think "the taxes must be insane."

But, if you think about it. If someone can afford a $15 million dollar home, it's likely that they can cover the property taxes.

What is your style?

Do you like acres and acres of land to get lost on, or a home that is steps away from the Atlantic?

I've always felt that there's nothing wrong with dreaming.

Maybe one day we'll get lucky and be able to move on up in the world into one of Jersey's most expensive homes.

You never know. Time to play the lottery and peek inside the best of the best.

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