The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us all - some more severely than others.

Small businesses - particularly restaurant and food-related businesses - have had to endure all kinds of headaches and twists and turns that those of us who don't own a business probably can't imagine.

Many businesses have permanently shut down, while others may just be a few bad weeks away from doing the same.

Still, others find a way and continue to go forward.

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I saw this Facebook post from the owners of the Millville Pretzel Factory over the weekend, and I thought it was one of the most honest, heartfelt posts I've read in a while.

Jason Cutler owns a Philly Pretzel Factory in Millville and he points out just a few of the challenges he's faced.

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He points out that his business is owned by his family - and that it so true: when Dad owns a small business, like it or not, the whole family becomes invested.

Cutler also mentions the free product his business has provided. You might not think about it, but do you have any idea how often our local business people are approached to help sponsor local youth sports team, school events, community celebrations and more? Thankfully for all of us, most of those small business owners find a way to say "yes."

A message from Jason Cutler & family - owner of the Millville Pretzel Factory since 2007

Posted by Millville Pretzel Factory on Friday, October 2, 2020

Jason (and family) - and all other South Jersey small business owners: THANK YOU for all you do and helping make South Jersey truly a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE!

Please, if you're in the Millville area, stop by 2132 North 2nd Street, and buy a pretzel or two!



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