South Jersey's superstar Mike Trout finally receives his coronation by Major League Baseball by being named American League Rookie of The Year, and he won with a unanimous vote!

The Millville High School alum was without question the most fun player to watch all season with his infectious hustle, 110%-plus effort, and his award winning smile.  The Los Angeles Angels became a contender because of the "Millville Meteor", and #27 actually became a player that lived up to all the hype he was receiving when he reached the majors.

Trout led the AL in Stolen Bases (49) and Runs Scored (129 - best in the majors), posted a near .400 On Base Average while hitting .320 with 27 Doubles, 8 Triples, 30 Home Runs and 83 Runs Battled In.  Statistically this goes down as one of the greatest rookie season by any player in MLB history.

Trout becomes the 1st rookie to ever have a 30/40 season (30 or more HR, and 40 or more SB), and is the 1st player in MLB history to have at least 30 HR, 45 SB, and 125 Runs Scored in a single season.

He was denied a Gold Glove for his defensive prowess in center field, which included some of the best catches of the 2012 season.  Enjoy some of the highlights of Trout's Rookie of The Year season.

The 2012 Angles finished just short of the playoffs with an 89-73 season - they were 83-69 after Mike's arrival on April 28th.

Congrats to a South Jersey star, who can only get better (and now that you are 21 raise a glass for your accomplishments this year!)