An Elkton, Maryland woman apparently reached her breaking point last week when she reportedly set her house and fire and set up shop on the front lawn to watch the blaze.

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In video of the incident recorded on April 29th by the woman's neighbor Avery Hammond, posted to Inside Edition on YouTube, 47-year-old Gail J. Metwally can be seen arguing with several people. First, a man on her home's front porch who chucks a bunch of water at her. Second, with a woman, reported to be a female roommate.

Then, the house they all live in goes up in flames. Footage shows fire inside the front door of the home, and it doesn't take long before the whole house is engulfed. Eventually, part of the roof appears to cave in.

One of the home's occupants can be seen trying to escape from a first floor window with assistance from a bystander.

And what is the woman allegedly responsible for torching the home doing? She's sitting in a lawn chair reading a book watching it burn.

Senior Deputy Fire Sate Marshal Oliver Alkire told Inside Edition the woman was cursing up a storm when fire crews responded to the scene and casually 'watched the fire spread throughout the house'.

Inside Edition/YouTube
Inside Edition/YouTube

Metwally reportedly suffers from mental health issues. She was arrested and charged with attempted murder, arson and assault, according to NBC News.

SOURCES: NBC NewsInside Edition/YouTube

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