Hey it's Marc D  for SoJO1049.com... everyone always seems to ask me what's goin' down in the Atlantic City & South Jersey area, so I decided to give my SoJO friends a little sprinkling of some great things happening right here in our community!

Last "Knight" I checked out the premier of the newest Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises" at the IMAX in the Franklin Institute.  I went there on invite with some nibblings & refreshments, but we do have an IMAX right here in A.C.  It's at the Tropicana!





Tonight, I'll swoop over to the Revel to catch Seal belt out "Kiss From A Rose" live in concert at Ovation Hall.  I think that song was used in a previous Batman movie???

Anyway, I'm guessing his Ex, Heidi, won't care to much as she is celebrating last night's premiere of Project Runway.



Mussel Bar, Revel

While you're at Revel check out Mussel Bar's Belgian Independence Day!  This weekend Mussel Bar is offering budget-friendly draft beer specials, live music and some of the best eats!

My pics include: Curried Shrimp Croquettes w/ Shrimp-Stuffed Tomatoes & Blanche de Bruxelles, Chicken Stew Waterzooi & Palm Speciale, or my FAV, the Banana Nutella Crepes & Liefmans Cuvee-Brut...

Did I mention they have 150 beers to choose.  Have your Jitney money ready!





Saturday I will make my way over to the newly renovated Golden Nugget to check out The Comedians of Chelsea Lately.

Comedians of Chelsea Lately
Golden Nugget

I haven't been to the G.N. since the renovation and this is the perfect time to breeze through! If you're with me, grab yourself a ticket for just $28.20.



Let me know what your guys are doing this week... I might just join ya!


Before I go, here is my song of the week, which I'm featuring in my own little mental summer playlist!

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