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Police in Hammonton are investigating a possible child luring attempt from Thursday evening.

Police say they received a report about an incident that happened around 6:45pm near the area of West End and Orchard Street in Hammonton.

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According to the report, "a small blue SUV, operated by a male subject, stopped alongside four juveniles in the area of West End and Orchard Street. The subject engaged in conversation with the juveniles, waving a money envelope."

Police say the four children walked away and the vehicle left the area.

Hammonton Police describe the person in question as "a black male in his 20’s with a goatee."

If you witnessed the incident, or know anything about what occurred, you're urged to contact Hammonton Police at (609) 561-4000.

Police take the time today to talk to your own children about the possible danger of strangers.

SOURCE: Hammonton Police Department

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