Police have identified the man who allegedly broke into a family's apartment in Pine Hill, New Jersey Sunday Morning.

According to 6ABC News, Emerald Black, had no idea someone broke into her family's apartment around 9:30 a.m. And to make matters worse, he went into the room where two of her three children slept!

Now, I live alone so I'm already cautious when nighttime comes around. I could only imagine the panic this mother felt as a strange man LOCKED himself into her children's bedroom.

Emerald reportedly pushed at the door and called police while the suspect jumped out the window. Luckily no one was hurt, and nothing was stolen but of course it was terrifying for her children.

The suspect has been identified as Keshif Bailey of Pine Hill, who currently already had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. 6ABC News says he broke into four occupied apartments, screaming someone was trying to kill him and had suffered some injuries.

He is currently being held on $21,500 bail.

Just good news to hear the family was unharmed.

Source: 6ABC News