Social media was abuzz with reactions Wednesday to the #Enough National School Walkout protesting gun violence in schools and the students' message that they would not tolerate it.

While many of the comments I saw supported the students for their civic involvement and having the courage to take a position blaming adults for failure to act on the gun violence issue after past incidents, there was no shortage of posts critical of the students walkout.  Several reactions described the students as naive or just going along with a trendy movement of the moment. Others questioned whether such a protest was appropriate during school time;"(Why not come back and protest on Saturday?"), or the students knowledge of the Second Amendment ("You should go back in school and study the Constitution!").

Reactions by school administrators also varied widely across the country, with some in full support of the walkout and others disciplining students for involvement in the protest.

I thought the approach taken by South Jersey's Mainland Regional High School set just the right tone for Wednesday's student gun protest and the school's participation with March 24's planned "March for our Lives".

Here is Mainland Regional High's Superintendent Mark Marrone's letter to Mainland students and parents...

mainland letter

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