Imagine earning basically what amounts to another paycheck every week? One lucky lottery player in Ocean County is going to be living that life thanks to the latest winning numbers.

The player picked up a Cash4Life ticket for this past Sunday night's drawing from the ShopRite store on N. County Line Road in Jackson, New Jersey.

The winner matched ALL FIVE white balls drawn, according to New Jersey Lottery's official website, and that means the person holding that ticket will receive $1,000 a week FOR LIFE.

In case you played, here's a recap of those winning numbers: 09, 13, 30, 36 and 40; Cash Ball 04. 

It was reportedly a pretty profitable drawing for many other Cash4Life players, too. More than $47,000 in cash prizes went to other players Sunday night, up to $500 a piece.

Just shows that you could get lucky, too, as long as you're in it to win it!

FYI, Cash4Life drawings happen every day at around 9:00 p.m.

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