Love seems to be in the air around Hollywood in a big way - some exciting and new, some young and fresh, some wanting another chance with someone new, and then there are those defying the odds in a world where you usually need a scorecard to keep with who is with who.  Time to look into 5 Hollywood couplings to see where they are at, how they got here, and what are their chances are for longevity.

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith --  We know them as Rachel and Finn on Glee, and they are a couple on TV, but somewhere recently their friendship that started on the set has blossomed into full blown "Finchel" in real life.  Hollywood has been a buzz recently over this development - reports have had Lea going to Cory's home town in Canada (meeting the parents maybe?)

Co-stars dating has high reward for a show, and Glee could use a boost - the show that averaged over 10 million viewers last season has been down to 7.5 Million recently.  This could generate more interest in the show, and they are back for next season.

A break-up could hurt the future of the show, but the drama could bring even more attention and viewers - a potential no-lose situation for FOX, unless the break-up is so ugly that they cannot work with each other anymore.

Friends first, both over 25, seemingly some common ground between the two, and word is Cory makes Lea laugh!  I give these two a better that 50/50 chance of going far as a couple.  Should they survive working together as lovers after Glee is over, then the odds of a marriage increases (Good Luck to "Finchel").

Eddie Murphy and Toni Braxton --  "Donkey" and the matriarch of a reality show family?  Both sides have been in denial, but more stories are surfacing that the two of them are more than friends, and their kids are spending time together.

Braxton is 44, divorced with 2 kids, and her signature hit song is "Unbreak My Heart" - Murphy is 50, divorced, been through 2 high profile relationships since his marriage, and has 8 kids.  Throw in the fact that the cameras are all over Toni for her reality show Braxton Family Values, and you have quite a stacked deck for this situation.

Blending families cannot be easy, but 10 kids (ranging in ages from 22 to 3) could be a major obstacle.  Both of these stars are trying to keep their careers going, both are driven, but if reports are true that they are getting "very serious".............

Braxton's reality show may be a casualty in this relationship - can you see Murphy on camera under these circumstances?  Somebody may have to bend here.

Lots of things going against this one going far, especially with Murphy's track record in love.  They do look good together, but have you notice there does not seem to be any photos of the two of them together in public?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez --  Happy 18th Birthday Justin!  What does the 19-yr old Selena have planned for her man?  Well Bieber may get his own place for his birthday, which means some alone time for this young love, but it also opens the rumors of engagement.

Bieber squashed them today, although Selena is wearing a ring from him.  Let's not jump the gun with these two - yes Selena has the "Bieber Fever" (had to be said), but this relationship is something that seems fresh for these young ones (you know you are getting old when you call these two young).

If these two are still together in another 3 years, then the royal Canadian wedding will be the biggest story in Disney history.  In the meantime, let the kids be kids.

George Clooney and Stacey Keibler --  Well this couple has lasted longer than most would have predicted.  Stacy was arm-in-arm with George at the Oscars recently, and the chemistry shined when George joked about Stacy not being afraid of anything (Clooney said "She's 7 feet tall. What's she afraid of?  She's afraid of low-flying planes ... She hit her head on the blimp").

Clooney has been a "Ladies Man", but he may have found his match in the tough, no nonsense Kiebler.  On the other side, Kiebler seems to love Clooney's sense of humor.

They may not right as a couple, but they are winning over critics.  Is George ready to settle down?  Is Stacy?  This drama has much more  road to haul, but the odds are getting better for them with each passing Red Carpet.

Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow --  Word got out that these tow had a date over the weekend.  This story is so fresh that it's hard to judge what to make of this.  Fact is that Tebow is a hot commodity from the NFL, and is not hard on the eyes (right ladies?)  Swift is loveable, but writes many of her songs based on her love-life.

Tebow is very straight-laced, which could be good for Taylor, but there will never be enough drama for her.  No Drama = No Songs = No Relationship!  Bet the ranch on this one falling as an incomplete pass for Tebow!


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