Remember the 16 co-workers in Ocean County that recently won the lottery? We called them the 'Ocean's 16'.  Well, “Wild” Willie Seeley is one of the 16, and he's not exactly 'happy, happy, happy'.


A very 'lucky' person in South Carolina won the 400 million dollar powerball jackpot, but don't ask 'wild' willie of Manahawkin to celebrate with you.  In fact, he'll warn you.


'Get lost while you can', he told NBC News, 'just disappear'.


Don't get Willie wrong, he's grateful.  He spent his winning sum of money to pay for two new vehicles, one for him and one for his wife.  He managed to put a new roof on his house, as well as fix any other damages from Hurricane Sandy.    Willie and his wife also quit their jobs, and next month they will moving into a new cabin.  Not to mention, he helped fund a house for one of his kids, and a masters degree for another.


But it was the cavalcade of long-lost relatives, sympathetic beggars and what felt like every reality TV producer in the country, that caused his lottery winning to be nightmare.  In fact, he  wishes to have the simple life again, and not be bothered.


He added, 'I pulled a .357 magnum on the last fellow who came walking up the drivewa. That seemed to work, but the phone won’t stop ringing. National Geographic, A&E, Ryan Seacrest Productions.  They put me in the National Enquirer, next to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. I mean I ain’t into all that.


Bottom line from Willie:  Run    (and don't forget to watch Duck Dynasty, Wednesday nights at 10, 9C on A&E)