This New Jersey widower is reunited with his wedding band after losing it 15-years ago while at Wyckoff's Christmas Tree farm.

David Penner of Great Meadows thought he would never see the ring again, until his sister-in-law showed him's video of a ring that was found at the farm.

Last April, John Wyckoff while riding on his tractor,found the wedding band in the soil. Upon hearing about the lost wedding band, posted a video hoping to reunite the ring with its owner.

Immediately people were messaging, claiming the ring belong to them. David on the other hand didn't call. He drove to Wyckoff's farm right away with his wedding certificate in hand for proof.

He never bothered to replace it after all these years. David's wife died Sept. 30th, so being reunited with this ring feels like he got a part of wife back for Christmas, he says.

The inscription reads, "To David. Love, Nancy [sic] July 20, 1974."

I'm not crying, you're crying *wipes tears*

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