Despite Lorde criticizing Taylor Swift last year, calling her kind of branding 'unattainable' for real girls, the two singers have become fast friends.  Now their burgeoning relationship could lead to the recording studio. 

Fans of both artist have certainly been justified in hopeful for an eventual collaboration.

While their musical styles don't exactlly match up, Lorde says that Taylor's willingness to push the envelope artistically would allow them to mesh.

Talking to  London's Capital FM Lorde said, "I think the cool thing about Taylor is she is pretty willing to go a lot of places with music. And I think with an artist like her, the sky's kinda the limit, y'know?"

Lorde also praised Taylor's most recent album Red saying "she covered a lot of ground with that last record".

Lorde and Taylor first became close last year, when they were spotted having lunch at Shake Shack in New York City.

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