Well, I think it's obvious who this guy's hero is?  A local man pulled a Justin Bieber, egging his neighbor's house over and over again, and like the Biebs he has to stand in court and attempt to justify his actions.

Michael Scioli, Jr. of Upper Township is accused of vandalizing neighbor John Manupello's home with eggs and tomatoes for the last five years.  He appeared in court yesterday to face 44 counts of criminal mischief, according to 6abc.com, but for now the judge ordered Sciolo get help for alcohol abuse.

The case judge granted a stay of prosecution while Scioli seeks alcohol treatment for 60 days.

Charges will eventually be reviewed and possibly dropped.  Too bad he doesn't have the Biebs bank roll to make the whole thing go away.

I mean seriously, how bad are his friends making fun of him right now?  Middle aged and still acting like an adolescent?  It's so embarrassing.

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