Liam Ryan, of Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island is a TikTok star a few years older than most fledgling social media personalities.

But, Liam, or, Gramps as he is known to his grandchildren, can still bring in the big numbers when it comes to posting funny viral videos on TikTok.

During the holidays, with help from his granddaughter Grace Pettit, Gramps recorded two videos that have been viewed almost 18 million times, with 1.3 million likes and over 25,000 comments.

The first video features Pettit asking Gramps if he would perform a "fit check", a TikTok trend where you show off what you are wearing and where it came from.

It's usually a way of saying “check out my outfit.”  Gramps's version, however, tells the story behind where he got each item of clothing, mainly as Christmas gifts.

Meantime, Grace is doubled over with laughter in the background.

Many of those commenting on the video say they are interested in seeing what Gramps' is wearing every day, commented on how "precious" he is, or said that the video made them miss their own grandfathers.

Gramps' second viral TikTok video has really taken off.

The video, posted by Pettit early in the New Year, shows Ryan handing out Christmas presents to his 11 grandchildren.

The family members unwrap their gifts to find that each has received a pair of Crocs. Gramps then hands out a second round of presents — charms, or Jibbitz, a doodad that sticks in the holes of your Crocs, (kinda like a charm on a bracelet) for their new Crocs, each with a photo of Gramps on it.

"It's Gramps!" one of them exclaims, as the group breaks up in laughter. The video ends with the grandchildren wearing their Crocs, each complete with their "Gramps" Crocs charm on it.

The obvious love that Liam has for his grandchildren -- and them for him -- makes these videos a joy to watch.

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