How exactly do you determine how lazy a town is?

A site called Zippia thinks they've cracked the code and released their top 10 laziest towns in New Jersey.

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Zippia says:

We used science and data to determine the places in New Jersey that are total couch potatoes.

I love these "studies" that are written by people who have probably never been to New Jersey, let alone in the towns they're speaking of. But I digress.

Zippia used this criterion for their findings:

  • Lowest average hours worked
  • Shortest commute time
  • Fewest workers per household (Labor force divided by the number of households)
  • Highest unemployment rate
  • Fewest adults with a college degree

Bull. None of the above makes a town or an individual lazy. Toss all of the numbers you want at me.

Let's break it down.

  • Lowest average hours worked - many people can't get the number of hours they want or need.
  • Shortest commute time - irrelevant.
  • Fewest workers per household - Because a 10, 6, and 2 year old are holding down a 9 to 5.
  • Highest unemployment rate - Sure, some choose not to work and use the system. Others are struggling and have been struggling to get a gig for quite some time.
  • Fewest adults with a college degree - I don't have a degree and I've had a job since I was 12. I've been unemployed for 3 months, that's it. A lot of that is luck, another big part is WORK ETHIC!

Here's the "top" 10:

  1. Wildwood
  2. Salem
  3. Camden
  4. Atlantic City
  5. Penns Grove
  6. Paulsboro
  7. Trenton
  8. Millville
  9. Asbury Park
  10. Bellmawr

All of these towns are full of hard-working people who are doing their best.

Zippia, you can suck it.

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