Lady Gaga shared footage of her live rehearsals for the iTunes Wireless Festival, set to take place in London this weekend. Her show, called SwineFest, will be live streamed at 4PM ET on Sunday, Sept. 1.

Gaga previewed the new song 'Swine,' which sounds like a rocker to us! She's indulging that rock side, which she learned from her dad, Joe Germanotta, who loves that genre.

In this minute-long clip Gaga boasts long and shiny brown hair and is playing her keyboard and drums, rocking out while she rehearses. Ma Monster has a real fire in her belly and she plays like there is some sort of unseen force inhabiting her body as she flails about.

She's barefoot, wearing black leggings and a white tee, banging her head and grooving. This is certainly a new sound, as she sings, "You're just a pig inside a human body." Ouch.

Gaga looks like a woman possessed as she bounces around and isn't afraid to make ugly faces, either. Did someone give her some Red Bull before she began her rehearsal? We sorta dig seeing her in "street" clothes, too. Nothing gets in the way of her performance when she dresses down.