I should have seen this coming. USA Today says, one day after Quest Diagnostics revealed that almost 12 million of their customers' personal data had been illegally accessed by a hacker of their third party billing/collections agency, LabCorp has announced a similar mishap...7.7 million of their customers' personal data has also been exposed. That would include me. Ugh.

Both Quest and LabCorp use the same billing/collections service, American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA). As we had heard before with Quest, the AMCA breach happened between Aug. 1, 2018, and March 30, 2019.

The information that may have been compromised includes your name, address, date of birth and financial information (however you paid them...credit card info, bank account number, etc.). But, rest assured, LabCorp gave no ordered test, laboratory results, or diagnostic information to AMCA, therefore, that information is not vulnerable.

I would assume if you had been to Quest or LabCorp during the affected time period, you'll be getting a letter going into more detail.

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