Kelly Clarkson, the loveliest, most down-to-earth woman in the music business, threw the most awesome party at her Tennessee home and invited us to hang out and preview some of her new music!

Let's be honest. This girl has seriously sang for her lunch. Her retreat isn't just a HOUSE, it's a multi-million dollar mansion that sits off a lake surrounding by other homes owned by the rich and famous.

But our original American Idol is still a down-home girl. And although her home is elaborate with a screening room, pool house, private hot tub, and more, you can tell it's lived in. There's a swing set where I'm sure Kelly and husband Brandon Blackstock play with kids River Rose and Remy. Plus, a reasonably-sized pool where I'm sure birthday parties and family fun days in the Tennessee sun take place. Flip through a gallery of a few photos I was able to snap!

After a cocktail hour and lots of schmoozing, Kelly ushered us all into a gorgeously decorated event space to play us a few songs from her forthcoming album Meaning of Life, her first release by her new label home, Atlantic Records. I got to hear the title track, which was the first song she recorded for the album. 'Heat' shows off Kelly's sultry side, while the ballad 'I Don't Think About You' takes advantage of her stunning vocal range. We heard another sassy tune called 'Didn't I', the lead-off single 'Love So Soft', and the track that stood out most to me for it's 'Uptown Funk'-like feel, 'A Whole Lotta Woman'.

Kelly, as a hostess, is hilarious! The girl could give her own stand-up routine she's so funny. She joked about having to be squeezed into layers of Spanx, and needing several glasses of wine now that she's a mom of four (husband Blackstock has two children from a previous marriage. Clarkson also mentioned what a fan she is of P!nk and how they've really grown to support each other's music. When Kelly's own management took her to see P!nk in concert, she joked about telling them not to get any ideas. She's not going to be the girl you see flying from a high wire, but tells P!nk, 'you go girl', lol. Kelly's got a trucker mouth and it's ADORABLE. She's also really humorous when she gets tipsy.

Kelly's new album Meaning of Life drops October 27th. Oh, and in case you're in the market for an upgrade, her house is reportedly on the market for a little over $8 million. NBD.

I did manage to squeeze in a few hours of playtime in Nashville while I was in Tennessee! You can see some photos from my short trip below!

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