Look, compared to most people's arms, mine are very small.  But HOLY PROTEIN POWDER Joey Lawrence!!


This past Saturday night at 'The Pool at Harrah's', I sat down with the 90's child star, and current lead character of ABC Family's 'Melissa and Joey', Joey Lawrence!


We started things off by talking about his co-hosting gig on ABC's Splash.  Splash is a reality show that took comedians, models, and athletes to the next level by teaching them how to competently dive from a high dive.


Who was your favorite star on 'Splash', and will it be back next season? 


As a former child star, Joey had a few things to say about Amanda Bynes......


Finally, Joey shared his favorite memories of growing up in Philadelphia; including his favorite place to get a cheesesteak. (Pats or Geno's?  Actually, who am I kidding, this guy probably hasn't ate a cheesesteak in 20 years)



In my research of looking for the perfect 'whoa' scene.  I happen to find the 'whoa' version of Taylor Swift's 'Trouble'.  Lol  Enjoy!