As Jersey Shore wraps its run on MTV, and CBS has cancelled a show set around The Garden State, Kevin Smith and his Comic Book Men will be the last show standing for New Jersey - they return to TV this Sunday night.

Smith, as you may know, is born and bred around the Jersey Shore up in Monmouth County.  The 42-yr-old may live out in Hollywood Hills, his reality series is shot in Red Bank (his home town) where his View Askew Production company have an office, and his comic book store - Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash.  Comics have been a great passion for Smith - he created in the last year The Bionic Man for Dynamite Comics (based on his take of "The Six Million Dollar Man").

That passion came to bring a reality show based on his comic book store (and the fanboy culture), and AMC was brave enough to take his 6-episode first season.  With a solid cult following, the series is back for Season 2 this Sunday night at 11:30pm (DVR alert), and this season will see Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee and Clerks alum Brian O'Halloran (Dante) stopping by the shop.

Smith will be a big part of AMC this weekend as he will host "Fearfest" - a weekend that will feature horror films that like Cujo, Christine, and Pet Sematary tonight (starting @ 6pm), and a marathon of their series The Walking Dead (staring at 10am Saturday, and going through until Smith's show on Sunday night).

Look for Kevin back on the big screen on November 2 as he has a small role as a cab driver in For A Good Time, Call .....


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