On Sunday in Newark, two New Jersey boys' youth soccer teams were getting ready to take the field when a rich guy's helicopter landed on it.

The helicopter was there to pick up New Jersey Devils owner Josh Harris, and landed on the field to wait for him.

Harris was nearby watching The Devils beat the Vancouver Canucks, but was delayed getting to the helicopter after the game went into overtime. After waiting for more than an hour as the helicopter was on the field, the kid's soccer coaches had to canceled the boys' game.

Harris did issue a statement apologizing to the teams, saying, “I sincerely apologize to the kids and their coaches and families...As a Dad, who has spent hundreds of hours watching my kids play sports, I can understand the frustration, and for that, I am truly sorry...While I can’t take back what happened, I hope the coaches, the teams and their families would be open to being my guest at an upcoming Devils’ game.”

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